Lines, Curves and Soul

I am not a fan of super cars, I find many of them ugly trinkets of wealth that have the power and the price tag, but lack true style and for want of a better word, soul.

That said, I have a real soft spot for Porsches, especially the 911, old ones that is, and preferably those that were current from the mid sixties to the mid seventies.  During which period they came in some fantastic colours, they had the Fuchs wheels, were trimmed in chrome and the entire model range had small details that set them aside. The price tag, and indeed the speed and power mean very little to me, although admittedly, the race heritage does add to the attraction. There is something about the style of the body, the face and the overall aesthetic that I really do like.  From the earliest carnation, to the current model, the 911 has a look that is un matched.  For me the attraction is derived from the look of the car, which from nose to tail is perfect.

The 911 has lines and curves that give it a real sense of personality, and a clean overall shape from which you can see the close family resemblance that it shares with the Beetle, one of the other cars, of which there are precious few, that can wear the icon tag with true credibility.  But while the newer examples are fully race bred, very expensive cars that only a few can afford, the earlier model line ups consisted of less quick, lower spec'd but more style driven cars.  Cars like the Targa or the Carrera.

I doubt if I will ever own one myself, for I fear that much of the allure could be shattered by trying to keep a forty plus year old car in good working order, without the level of expertise to do the work myself.  But I know that I will never tire of looking at 911's, in pictures or in a real life context.



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